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Adobe Photoshop for Designers

Course duration: 3 Weeks
Internship length: 1 Month (You will be paid Rs. 2000/- and will be awarded with a “Professional Internship certificate” from 9dlabs)

Course Fee: Rs. 7000/-

Pay in two easy instalments: Rs. 5000/- (while admission) + Rs. 2000/- (after 1 week)

Learning Outcomes:

– Apply knowledge of design principles in the evaluation of one’s own work and other designers’ development of design solutions.
– Apply the knowledge of web-based typographic principles in executing design work. – Apply typographic skills and knowledge to the creation of original             designs. Achieve desired impact through application of typographic skills and abilities including selection, readability, legibility, and spacing of type.
– Manipulate, and compose images for design purposes.
– Be an expert in creating functional interactive components and finished products (Graphics & Websites).

Career Opportunities:

– Advertising agencies
– Marketing firms
– Corporate creative services departments
– Design firms
– Web Design Companies

Admission Requirements:

– Operational knowledge of computer
– One Passport size photo
– Resume / CV

Additional Services:

– Building your Portfolio
– One Month Professional Paid Internship working in 9dlabs

Post Course Award, Certificates & Assistance:

– Course Completion Certificate
– Professional Internship certificate in company letter head
– Secrets of earning online sitting at your home


9dlabs gives you guarantee of being an expert in the course you complete with us. Our students will be highly capable of independently handling projects in companies or working from their home. Our courses are designed as per current industries requirement and our students will be working on real projects while they are in our one month paid internship after their course is complete.

Course Contents – Adobe Photoshop for Designers

1) Setting up designers workspace

  • Understanding the interface
  • Creating and saving a custom workspace
  • Setting preferences
  • Choosing proper color settings

2) Understanding Resolutions

  • Identifying image resolution
  • Resizing and re-sampling

3) Making Good Selection

  • Making selections in Quick Mask mode
  • Using the Quick Selection tool
  • Refining selection edges
  • Saving selections with paths
  • Extracting images from the background

4) Working with Brushes

  • Brush presets: Choosing the right brush for the task
  • Editing and saving brush settings
  • Creating brush presets

5) Applying, Replacing and Removing Color

  • Replacing color: Hue/Saturation vs. blend modes
  • Colorizing a grayscale image
  • Converting color to grayscale

6) Making Tonal and Color Corrections

  • Image adjustment fundamentals
  • Levels and curves
  • Enhancing detail with curves
  • Applying selective color adjustments

7) Retouching

  • Cloning to remove contents
  • Retouching people

8) Layer Styles and Filter Effects

  • Using the Layer Blending Options
  • Utilizing Smart Filters
  • Reducing noise
  • Sharpening with Unsharp Mask

9) Automation

  • Utilizing built-in actions
  • Recording an action
  • Auto-cropping photos

10) Complete Website layout Aspects

  •  Creating & Using Grids to make web layouts
  •  Things to consider while making full screen web layouts
  • Using Patterns for web backgrounds
  •  Creating custom patterns and effects for Web
  • Typography Techniques
  • Use of Line Heights in layouts
  • Use of appropriate fonts when designing for web
  • Gradient limitations in web layouts

11) Saving for Outputs

  • Saving for high-resolution printing
  • Saving Photoshop PDFs
  • Slicing images for web
  • Saving for the web

12) PSD Layout

  • Creating PSD theme from scratch (During Internship)