Application Services

Our solutions is highly skilled in the area of ADM and understands ADM’s crucial role in supporting the operations of companies that continuously seek to optimize and improve their processes. 9dlabs provides ADM services to correct faults, improve performance, modify attributes, or adapt a product to a modified environment, where the client has an existing custom or off-the-shelf application and needs help in maintaining and/or enhancing the application on a regular basis.

For all projects requiring maintenance for an existing application, 9dlabs uses its Software Maintenance Methodology. The methodology is based on IT Infrastructure Library standards in addition to 9dlabs’s eight years of experience providing software maintenance support to enterprise clients. The methodology guides and facilitates maintenance of application software and provides a structured yet flexible approach to information system delivery. The focus is on reducing the software maintenance costs by setting up streamlined processes and ensuring proper implementation by monitoring and measuring critical maintenance metrics. We may employ a waterfall, an iterative or a RAD methodology in order to best meet the requirements and characteristics of the specific project.

9dlabs can reduce the client’s total cost of ADM services by executing its onsite-onshore-offshore model and leveraging its offshore development facility. This service is offered on a time and material (T&M) or fixed price (FP) basis.

Application Integration

9dlabs supports its client’s technology synergy through the use of systems and application integration.

Our system integrators bring together discrete systems utilizing a variety of techniques such as computer networking, enterprise application integration, business process management or manual programming. This ensures that all the subsystems are brought into one system and delivers the appropriate functionality. System integration adds value to a client’s enterprise through new capabilities that are possible through the interactions between subsystems.

We also utilizes application integration to streamline its clients’ business processes. There are many different purposes for the use of application integration, including:

  • Ensures that all the data in multiple systems is kept consistent
  • Links business processes across applications
  • Extracts business policies or rules from applications and implements them in the Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) system, so that even if one of the business applications is replaced with a different vendor’s application, the business rules do not have to be re-implemented
  • The EAI System can provide a single access interface for all applications, which prevents users from having to learn to interact with different applications.

9dlabs helps overcome challenges by giving their client workers complete, transparent and real-time access to information, incorporating legacy applications and integrating information silos across departmental lines within organizations.

Applications Testing

9dlabs has proven world-class capabilities in performing testing and de-bugging support in order to measure the quality of developed computer software.

We provide automated and manual testing services in such situations where exclusive testing is useful and where the client prefers that testing be done by a third party for independent validation and verification. We can work from an existing set of test plans, test scripts and/or test cases, or, after a period of knowledge transfer, can create its own plans, scripts and test cases.

9dlabs’s Testing Methodology is designed to ensure that a consistent testing process is followed for delivering quality products that meet the complete requirements of our clients. The testing methodology not only takes into consideration a broad spectrum of test requirements but also ensures conformance to 9dlabs’s Quality Management System.